Blackjack is a highly popular game not only in the States but also far beyond its borders. It has simple rules, the play is thrilling, and the game allows high strategy. You see, an expert mathematician who plays the game well and knows how to count cards is sure to have favorable odds. However, even for a casual player who relies purely on his good fortune, the game odds are less making it one of the most enticing casino games for gamblers. To boost your chances of winning in the game, we’ve explained the most expedient Blackjack betting rules and progressive betting system here.

The Best Strategy For Betting In Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Blackjack betting strategy implies betting on different hands differently. Instead of betting the same amount of money on every hand, you can change the bets from one hand to another. The key here is to clearly understand whether you should increase or decrease your next bet. This depends on whether the previous hand was winning or not. If you have just had a win and want to play with this strategy, you should increase your betting. If the previous winning bet was, let’s take $10, the next one should be $20. Here are the main types of progressive strategy for you to learn how to bet in blackjack smartly.

Win Progressions

Progression types are numerous yet the most common one probably is 1-2-3-5. It implies increasing the bet by the mentioned multiplies every time you have a winning hand. And once you lose a hand, you should start everything anew with one unit bet.

Martingale Betting

Another popular progressive jackpot strategy implies multiplying the bet after a loss. However, this Martingale strategy is really dangerous and we won’t recommend you to try it.

Hybrid Progressions

Adhering to this betting strategy, you are to increase your bet after a win, yet after a couple of wins, you must lock up some profit and gradually decrease the bet.

Free Blackjack Side Bets System

Blackjack is a highly entertaining casino game with more than a single way to play. Side bets in both regular and online Blackjack betting can make the game not only more interesting but also quite more lucrative. Depending on the casino, the types of side bets offered might differ. However, these are the most common ones you can come across:

Insurance Bet

Blackjack insurance bet covers the player against Blackjack in case the dealer shows an Ace face up. The bet reduces the overall house edge and involves half of the original stake paying out at 2:1.

Perfect Pairs

The bet pays out in case the player is dealt with two cards of a kind. Here are its peculiarities:

  • Mixed pair pays 5:1 (two cards of the same value differing in color or suit);
  • Colored pair pays 12:1 (two cards dealt are of the same color and value);
  • Perfect pair pays 25:1 (two identical cards).


If the player has two cards and the dealer has one upturned, he may get a 21+3 side bet. It pays differently depending on the combination:

  • Straight pays 10:1;
  • Flush pays 5:1;
  • Straight flush pays 40:1;
  • Three of a kind pays 30:1;
  • Suited triple pays 100:1.