Blackjack card game – good vs bad hands and how to differentiate them

Although there are more than 1300 possible card combinations in a standard 52-deck game, only a few of them are winning and profitable ones. Blackjack card game rules state that the gambler has to collect the best hand to win – but how to differentiate a good hand from a bad one?

Blackjack card game combinations – what you need to learn before playing

Certain card combinations are considered to have higher profitability as the gambler who gets them in hand has more chances to collect 21 points and win in offline or online blackjack. Some combinations often cause busts and losses instead.

Winning hands in Blackjack card game

A 100% winning combination is called Blackjack – if you have an Ace and Ten or Ace and court card in your hand. It’s not so rare as you may think – you can get this combination once per 20-25 games (approximately). There is one more combination that can bring you a win – Five Card Charlie. To get it, you have to collect any 5 cards without going over 21. Jackpot Sevens is also a thing – you receive additional bonuses if you get two or more 7s. 20 is another nice hand – it will most probably bring you profit. That’s why you should never split 10s.

There are also certain hands that you’d better split if possible – like 16 (as the busting card will most probably make you overcome 21). Ace+8 combination also has to be split.

Side bet combinations

Many online casinos offer side bets on the following combinations:

  • Perfect Pairs – there is a pair of same-value cards in the initial hand (for example, Q and Q, 2 and 2, etc.)
  • Lucky Lucky – cards in the player’s hand totals with the dealer’s card to 19, 20 or 21.
  • Royal Match – a player gets King and Queen in the hand.
  • Lucky Ladies – cards in hand totals 20.
  • Match the Dealer – one or both gambler’s cards match dealer’s cards.

Some gambling providers also have additional bets to offer, so it’s worth checking the rules before you get your cards dealt.

Mobile Blackjack flash games for Aussies

There’s no better way to remember all the rules and winning combinations then playing free Blackjack games in your spare moments. With modern mobile technologies, you can learn from past mistakes and gain valuable experience while playing Blackjack on your smartphone or tablet.

Flash games become more and more popular, mainly because you don’t have to download them – all you need is your mobile device, an updated version of Adobe Flash Player and your preferred browser.

Flash Blackjack rules are the same as in live casino card games; thanks to enhanced graphics, the game interface fully replicates the look and atmosphere of live casino blackjack. In a word, you won’t notice any difference – the gamblers sit at a Blackjack table, there is a dealer, you can make a bet, split hands, hit, stand, etc.

If you’re new to Blackjack game in Australia, it’s recommended trying different games, from classic Atlantic City Gold or Super Fun 21 to modern Double Attack or Vegas Strip – so you’ll be able to compare different flash Blackjack games and find the best one.

Failures in gambling aren’t that scary if you play for free. Luckily, you got plenty of chances to practice this fascinating game without spending a cent.