Counting cards in Blackjack is quite easy to learn yet difficult to master. You not only need an ultimate how-to guide and a working strategy but also time to practice over and over. Devoting enough time to the task, you will become a pro in no time. Despite the spread misinformation that Blackjack counting has much to do with memorization, card counting, in fact, implies using a special system just to keep track of the ratio of low cards to high ones.

Understanding The Basic Blackjack Card Counting

What is the Blackjack card counting game and how it works? Let’s see together. Using this system, a player can guess when the advantage shifts in their favor and when not. Depending on it, they will realize whether to increase the bet, make a small bet, or none at all. You see, high-value cards that start with tens and end up with Aces, are of bigger benefit to the player rather than the dealer, while low-value cards from twos to sixes are more advantageous for them. The remaining cards including sevens, eights, and nines, are neutral and are of no special use to either the player or the dealer.

The deck comes with an equal number of low and high cards. After the early rounds, that ratio is most likely to have changed. Keeping track of the dealt cards by tagging them, a player can make bets smarter.

Here is a step-by-step instruction so that you have a better idea of how to carry out an effective Blackjack counting.

  1. Assign a value to every card. Low-value cards are given +1, neutral cards are given 0, and high-value cards are given -1.
  2. Using the assigned values, keep track and count with the dealer pulling a card from the deck.
  3. If you have counted the cards accurately, you can monitor the current value of the cards that remain in the deck.
  4. Increase your bet if the count is negative after every round cause the remaining cards in the deck will be of high value. And vice versa, lower your bet if the remaining deck is positive.

Blackjack Card Counting In Live Games

Card counting online blackjack in live casino games isn’t worth trying. Surely you can use the same technique you always do, yet it’s going to be mentally exhausting and sentenced to failure. Let’s check out why it isn’t expedient to use the basic Blackjack counting system you usually do in live games.

  • Casinos use eight decks of 52 cards in live games.
  • The shoe is changed after four decks have been dealt with, so the penetration is 50%.
  • Before each hand, the casino uses an Auto shuffling so that the shoe is always fresh.
  • In live games, casinos “burn” the cards right at the beginning of the shoe. Sometimes it’s carried out at someplace before the new round.

The Casino Software

Every online casino uses special monitoring software to keep count of the shoe once it’s dealt. And once a certain player makes bets that match the count consistently, the software alerts the casino. Additionally, even if you are playing the live Blackjack game online, you can’t hide from that software. It will identify you right on the spot and stop you first by warning, and then by blocking you from the game.