The casino has a statistically proven advantage over everyone who plays, loses, or wins at the establishment. The superiority of the gambling house, which is expressed in the profit earned from each player, provides the casino with huge winnings. In addition to slot machines and roulette wheels, there is one type of classic card game in casinos, in which, with the right strategy, the player’s chances of winning will be higher. This game is called a blackjack.


Here are three casinos with the best blackjack odds of winning:

  1. If you want to play blackjack with a big win, Aria casino is what you need. Since 2011, Aria Resort & Casino has been recognized as the best place to play blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. Blackjack tables have bets from $50 to $10,000, and the casino advantage is only 0.20%. Not only are your chances of winning in Aria higher, you’ll also be spending time playing blackjack in an extravagant 150,000 square foot space.
  2. Mirage Resort & Casino is located on the West side of the Las Vegas Strip. This is a lively and elegant classic Las Vegas hotel. If you are looking for a cheaper blackjack game with better odds, Mirage is the place to play. The casino has 6 6:5 blackjack tables and more than 50 3:2 blackjack tables, all from 2 to 8 decks. Minimum bets are only $5 or $25, so if you are new to blackjack and want to practice a little before moving on to higher bets, pay attention to Mirage.
  3. The 100,000-square-foot Bellagio Hotel & Casino features 81 of the 188 blackjack tables. If you want to increase the size of your wallet and still feel like your favorite movie star in an extravagant space, look no further. Bellagio offers blackjack players a better chance of winning than anywhere else in Las Vegas. It is also known for its fairest blackjack rules. They even have $10 blackjack tables for those of you who want to have some fun with a little commitment.

Next time you are in Las-Vegas be sure to visit these casinos.

Card counting

Counting cards is one strategy that players can use to gain a one-point advantage over the dealer and make blackjack odds higher. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, it is literally “card counting”, without mathematical calculations or memorization.

How does it work?

In a typical blackjack game with one deck of cards, the house edge, which is the odds of winning the casino, is usually zero. This means that if you use the right strategy based on this method, in the long term you will win.

This may not provide an absolute edge, but blackjack is the only card game where such an opportunity exists, and the casino will not have an edge.

Counting cards:

  • Makes the game easier and more profitable.
  • Available to everyone.
  • Easy lo learn and understand.

Counting cards is not illegal. The problem might arise when some device is used to do blackjack free bet odds. In addition, many casinos use shuffle machines and therefore it has become difficult to count cards in many popular casinos these days.