Blackjack rules at Australia online casinos

Blackjack, being the most widely played card game is tremendously popular among Australians. Official Blackjack rules Australia gamblers should follow when playing it do not differ a lot from standard BJ rules known worldwide. The game that is also known as “21” is pretty simple, but with its simplicity, BJ tournaments are considered to be the coolest intellectual challenge for the minds of players.

Blackjack rules Australia players should remember about

Incidentally, Australian Blackjack rules are not complicated. Ultimately, it’s all about 21. The gambler task is to get this number of points and do not take more than 21 (bust). As soon as the cards exceed 21, he loses. The player always plays against the bank. It does not matter whether he plays Blackjack online or visit a real casino — according to Blackjack rules Australia, each game participant plays directly against Vegas dealer. More than one deck is used in the game. Jack, Queen and King have a value of 10; the numbers that are printed on the other cards give the corresponding number of points. However, Ace can “cost” 1 or 11 points: it depends on the situation. The dealer is forced to move on until he reaches 17. The player should always keep in mind that there are many cards with a value of 10 circulating in the game. Before he takes up an additional card, he should, therefore, calculate everything briefly. In addition to a bit of luck, a good strategy, practice and a little math are required. If even a newbie plays carefully, he increases his chances of winning considerably.

Online Blackjack Australian tournaments

Not every online casino offers BJ tournaments, but the number is increasing. When participating in a tournament, all players play against the dealer: Blackjack rules Australia here are the same as in the game where a single person plays “against a machine”. A tip that the players should get here is pretty easy: the player shouldn’t get too bogged down with the small decisions during the competition, but consider the risks on a larger scale. Here are the casinos where Aussies can take part in online BJ tournaments:

  • True Blue
  • Play Amo
  • Joka Room
  • House of Pokies and other casinos where Blackjack rules Australia are always identical.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to deal with strategies — not least because they sharpen the view of this game and make clear what smart people have been thinking about for years.

Blackjack AU strategy

The player has to decide for himself whether he plays according to a certain strategy or assume that he can win with it. The chances of winning for the strategic player also depend on the number of decks of cards used. The best starting point is the game with only one deck, however, this variant is no longer offered. Normal is a number of up to 8 decks with the 52 cards each. The optimal strategy always minimizes the bank advantage. However, it must be adapted to the respective rules of various game variants. It is advisable for new players to forego various side bets. Even as an experienced player, the chances, for example for so-called insurance, are not particularly good. Blackjack dealer rules (17 points) can increase the chance of a player to win.