There are many Australian online casinos offering double deck blackjack and triple deck versions which are the most popular among gambling enthusiasts. Designed in a minimalist style, these game options pay attention to the cards, putting paraphernalia into background. However, if you want to find a gaming option that offers the best winning odds, single-deck blackjack is your best bet. The problem is that this version of the game is offered very rarely. Therefore, you should focus on finding the best double deck blackjack that still offers a good chance of success. We have written this article to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of Plying Double and Triple Blackjack at Aussie Casinos

When making a choice in favor of 2-deck and 3-deck versions of the game, you should be aware of the following features:

  1. Most of the blackjack versions offer a wide betting range – from 1 to 250 AUD – which makes these games attractive to both casual players and high rollers.
  2. Double deck blackjack as well as triple deck version offered at Aussie casinos uses the usual rules of the game also called 21.
  3. Since the dealer stands on soft 17, the players have an additional advantage.
  4. Players have the option to split once per game round. By splitting Aces, the player will receive one more card.
  5. Side bet of insurance is also available – this option can protect you from dealer blackjack. However, experienced gamblers avoid this bet as this offer is disadvantageous in most cases.

Thus, double deck blackjack is a popular game that is similar in many ways to other versions of blackjack.

Where to Play Double Exposure Blackjack in AU

With 8 decks of 52 cards, this game is the most popular one among new players. An important feature of this version is that the dealer leaves both his cards face up. Although double exposure uses most of the rules of regular double deck blackjack, there are some differences that are needed to compensate for the huge advantage that players get from being able to see the dealer’s cards.

To be it the thrills of double exposure, we recommend choosing the following Australian-friendly online casinos:

  • Omni Casino is one of the oldest Australian online casinos that you can trust with your deposit. With such a huge selection of gaming options, you can find double deck blackjack and double exposure options to play for real money.
  • Grand Reef Casino with its generous bonuses and fast withdrawals is highly recommended gambling spot to play blackjack – 2-deck, 3-deck, double exposure and much more.
  • Fly Casino invites you to take full advantage of its welcome bonuses and play the best casino entertainment including various versions of online blackjack.

So, now you know where you can play double deck blackjack and many other versions of this popular game. Choose any casino from the list above, sign up and claim generous welcome bonus that will expand your gambling opportunities.