Packed with thrill and excitement, Blackjack is many gamblers’ favorite card game. Thanks to the rise of web-based gambling, avid Blackjack players now have the option to enjoy their preferred kind of casino entertainment at home or even on the go. Striving to recreate the atmosphere of land-based gambling venues, software developers came up with live Blackjack online versions where the game is conducted by a real dealer and streamed for the player.

Advantages And Variations Of Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Several notable perks are inherent to online Blackjack games with the assistance of a live dealer:

  • Seamless communication with the dealer and the transparency or his or her actions help doubtful players feel sure of the casino’s fairness. Even though every portal with a good reputation holds the necessary fairness certificates, a player who’s used to offline gambling may feel suspicious of RNG-based online Blackjack games.
  • Utmost convenience. At a live Blackjack online casino, a professional dealer conducts your game in a room that conveys the sights and sounds of a brick-and-mortar venue. But you avoid the necessity to get dressed fancily, travel to a gambling venue, and pay for associated services, such as parking.
  • The player can choose the dealer. Many casinos offer a good dozen of them so that every gambler finds a dealer whose approach, personality, and appearance he or she likes the most.

These advantages make live dealer Blackjack much preferable over standard online Blackjack for many players.

Best And Most Popular Live Blackjack Online Games

The basic variant of live Blackjack found in most online casinos has no side bets or extraordinary rules. Other variations expand on it, catering to the preferences of different groups of players.

  • VIP Blackjack. Standard rules with increased betting limits (up to 5,000 per hand). Perfect for high-rolling gamblers.
  • Common Draw. All players receive identical hands and their subsequent actions determine the winner. The number of participants at the table is not limited. Ideal for new players.
  • Bet Behind. Even if you’re not playing yourself, you can observe other players and place bets on the action at the table.
  • Blackjack Party. Enjoy live Blackjack online in a party atmosphere, with upbeat music and two chatty dealers. Bet Behind is an available option.
  • Perfect Pair. A vastly popular variation that allows for a side bet called Perfect Pairs that brings you a win if your hand has a pair.
  • Pre-Decision. A fast-paced variation where all players decide on their actions together with the first player, which minimizes the in-game waiting time.

The leading software developers for live dealer Blackjack sites are NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

How To Play Live Blackjack Online With A Real Dealer

In online live Blackjack, the prime objective is to achieve a card count that defeats the dealer’s but doesn’t go over 21. Exceeding 21 is a “Bust”, which means you lose your bet.

  1. Place your bet on who you think will win.
  2. The dealer gives one upcard (a card dealt face up) to everyone.
  3. Starting from the dealer’s left, every player receives the second upcard. The dealer receives a face-down card.
  4. If you’ve got 21, you’re already the winner!
  5. If no one at the table has a 21, you can “hit”(request one more card), “stand” (retain your hand unchanged), or “double down” (increase your bet twofold and get a single card).
  6. Once all players finish their moves, the dealer reveals their downcard.

Special rules apply to the dealer: if their hand counts 16 or below, they inevitably “hit”; a count of 17 or higher obliges them to “stand”.