dragon lore gigarise slot

The Yggdrasil Masters program brings us another collaboration, this time with Bulletproof. These two studios have partnered to create a new dragon-inspired slot titled Dragon Lore GigaRise. The game will be powered by GATI.

What is Dragon Lore GigaRise Slot?

In this fantasy-themed slot release, players will have the chance to experience the new variable grid system. Additionally, there will be various dragon-inspired symbols to score on the 100 paylines. The game revolves around the Dragon Egg symbol that triggers the GigaRise feature.

Moreover, this special feature will increase the height of the reel by up to 3x. Every reel will stay increased between spins. This essentially means that the chances for wins are massively increased. Yggdrasil and Bulletproof are two of those studios that love bringing new innovative mechanics to the genre.

Yggdrasil’s Head of Product & Programs, Stuart McCarthy, said: “Our latest GigaRise title combines an epic theme with one of our most popular GEMs, and we’re extremely pleased to facilitate the launch of Bulletproof’s new launch.”

Extra Features of Dragon Lore GigaRise Slot

Some additional features of the game are the Super Wilds. These work just like regular wilds but provide multipliers to the win. Additionally, there are also Super Wild Respins that lock the reel in place. The number of free spins is different based on the various methods you use to activate them.

There is also the purchase feature which is useful if you do not want to wait for free spins. Finally, the Golden Bet is also there for those who want an increased chance of bonuses.

Michael Bullock, Product Director at Bulletproof Games, said: “Dragon Lore GigaRise is a fantastic new title that highlights the very best of what we can offer as a studio, combined with an innovative GEM from Yggdrasil. It perfectly highlights opportunities that we can pursue as a YG Masters member, and we’re confident it will be excellently received by players.”