Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world. Its popularity is due to its simple rules, speed of play and simple strategy in counting cards. However, the popularity of the game has not won immediately. Australian gambling houses had to stimulate interest in the game with various types of bonuses and varieties of blackjack rules.

It is believed that the predecessor of the game was a card game “vingt-et-un” (“twenty-one”), which appeared in French gambling establishments around the 19th century. In Australia, blackjack is still commonly referred to as twenty-one or point. (But the traditional game of point has slightly different rules.)

The origin of the game

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Blackjack has its origins in the 19th century. At that time in France were popular entertainment such as “schmain de ferme”, “French Ferme” and “vingt-et-un”, these games and became the ancestors of the current blackjack. The game gets its name from an interesting custom – when a player rolls a Jack of Spades or Ace of Spades while holding the first card, he earns an extra point. Payment for the combination reached ten times the size. Because spades is the black suit (black) and jack is one of the deciding cards, the name blackjack was formed (there are also other spelling variants – blackjack).

Underlying terms:

  • Player – a player playing at the table against the casino.
  • Dealer – a casino employee who acts as a card dealer.
  • Hand – a set of cards the player or dealer. Usually the rules of the casino players are forbidden to touch their cards.
  • Tracking – Tracking player’s location of cards during the game, using this information on the next shuffle.
  • Shuffle – A complete “game cycle” beginning with the mixing of the deck and ending with the release of a cut card.
  • Shoe – A special device for card games in casinos. A deck is shuffled and inserted into the shoe, from which the cards are dealt later.
  • Chip – is a small flat object of round, square or octagonal shape, on which is written his face value, can be exchanged for cash in the casino.

Online and offline Blackjack

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In today’s version of the game of blackjack combination consists of two cards – an ace and a card with a face value of 10 points (that is, all the pictures and a ten). Most fans of this game often underestimate the profitability of the Blackjack combination on the first two cards. In fact, the Blackjack combination is profitable for at least two reasons. First, this combination gives the player an instant win, and if the combination matches the dealer, the player wins automatically. Secondly, this combination often involves some kind of incentive: instead of his money put, the player receives a payout in the ratio of 3:2.

Between online and offline blackjack there is virtually no difference. The only difference between them is that online the computer is the dealer. If you compare it to other gambling games, blackjack online is considered to be more lucrative, as there is an opportunity to influence the outcome of the game, using a variety of strategies and methods. To reduce the likelihood of losing, use a basic strategy of the game.

Online Casinos with BlackJack Games

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Finally words about Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the few gambling card games that has become very popular at online casinos around the world due to the fact that the probability of winning in this game is quite high. The percentage of profit of the casino is only 0.5% higher than that of the player, which gives the latter a chance to win.